Content Marketing


Our specialty is content marketing, which entails educational articles on publications that skillfully discuss the benefits and features of your company’s products and services.

Content Marketing

Article Placement


Articles, or more specifically persuasive articles published in key trade publications – is the engine that drives PR/communications, generating leads and sales for our clients.

Article Placement

Article Placement


The goal of an effective PR, communications, and/or content marketing strategy, is to create interest (buzz) around your company and its products or services.

Buzz Marketing

Social Media


We develop social media strategies that engage visitors and address their needs and challenges, ultimately resulting in visitors becoming fans and, eventually, customers.

Social Media

Media Relations


Although establishing working relationships with key business-to-business (B2B) trade publication editors takes time, such efforts often prove invaluable to our clients.

Media Relations


Quality, well-presented email newsletters and email marketing can be designed to appeal to readers and stop them from hitting that delete button.

Email Marketing

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You have done a terrific job for our company and helped us promote Green cleaning thoughout the professional cleaning industry. Thank you.

Mike Sawchuk
Vice President, Enviro-Solutions

I continue to be impressed by the terrific job you are doing for your clients. The quantity and quality of exposure they are getting via your efforts is indeed noteworthy.

Allen P. Rathey
President, InstructionLink/JanTrain, Inc.

The Cincinnati Enquirer article was one of the most impactful, fruitful, single message we have sent out to date. Keep up the good work.

Bob Robinson Sr.
President of Kaivac, Inc.